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The Lies Between Us by M.N. Forgy

The Lies Between Us The Lies Between Us by M.N. Forgy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was ecstatic when the review opportunity for The Lies Between Us came up. I have enjoyed how Ms. Forgy weaves romance with the action and danger that accompanies a one-percenter motorcycle club. That said, I really had a hard time getting into this one. I suspect part of that was on me because even though I have been anxiously awaiting The Lies Between Us to pop up on my schedule, I was dealing with a headache when I started the book and found a lot of the interactions between Cherry and Lip to be annoying – actually I found the characters themselves to be annoying. Based on my past enjoyment, I stuck with it though because Ms. Forgy has proven her skill time and time again, but once I hit the mid-point and wasn’t any less annoyed with Cherry and Lip (you can stop smirking now), I knew I had to step back for the night and try again the next day.

While I’m happy to report that the level of action in the second half of the book increased immensely and made the read more enjoyable for me, I never connected with Cherry or Lip. Considering what we knew about Lindsay (aka Cherry) at the time, I was astounded with how quickly things progressed between her and Lip. Not the one-night stand because uh … yeah, hello? I totally got the whole bad boy biker thing. Rather my issue is that within a week’s time she’s moved into his home and he’s bought her a car, yet her concern is that they might have had sex too soon. This is a woman whose father physically abused her, who got knocked up on her first time, had her baby legally “stolen” from her by its father simply because he could, and who’s homeless because someone’s trying to kill her so she can’t go home to her brother. Girlfriend is seriously lacking in the self-preservation instinct department. But hey, she’s still really young so I forgave her for her hormone driven behaviors, even if she seemed on a direct course for a repeat of the past. While I found Lip’s head-over-heels courtship of Cherry to be uncharacteristic of the men we’ve come to know from the Devil’s Dust MC, I tried to go with the flow. Honest, I really, really did and thankfully it paid off when it came to Lip because once he gets out of prison we find out why he was so smitten with Cherry. THAT was shocking. But Lip wasn’t the only one with a secret and The Lies Between Us delved into what was the breaking point of their relationship – when is your trust shattered irrevocably?

Despite the spike in action, I still never connected with Cherry. I think had the author shown us some of what Cherry did on behalf of the club during the six years that Lip was in prison, I would have had a better understanding of her character and been able to connect with her – yes, we were told some of what she did but a sentence here or there really doesn’t make the same impact. As it were, I sympathized with her plight to get her daughter back and figure out whether or not she had a future with Lip, but I just wasn’t as invested as much as I have for the past heroines. I did enjoy the twist that Lip’s brother introduced and I look forward to seeing how that story thread unravels. The ending the author crafted for the couple was perfect for them and it as well as the action is what saved the book for me. Although The Lies Between Us is not my favorite of the series, I am looking forward to the next book and spending more time with the Devil’s Dust MC.

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