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Cowboy Delight by Cheryl Brooks

Cowboy Delight Cowboy Delight by Cheryl Brooks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yeehaw! Now that was exactly what I was hoping for. I discovered Ms. Brooks several years ago when I stumbled upon Slave as a Kindle freebie. As sci-fi erotica is one my guilty pleasures, I quickly devoured it and the next five books in her Cat Star Chronicles series (all that were available at the time) in less than a week. As you probably figured out, she is one of my go-to authors for sci-fi erotica. When she ventured into the contemporary romance genre with her Unlikely Lovers series, I was once again at the front of the line to buy and read them. And while I did enjoy them, her Cat Star Chronicles have reigned supreme as my favorite Cheryl Brooks’ books. However, after finishing Cowboy Delight, the Cat Star chronicles may have a challenger for that title.

As this is a novella, the story moves rather quickly and occurs over a period of less than 2 days. After a rather amusing (to me) sequence of events, Lauren finds herself in Steve’s pickup on her way to meet her fiancé’s parents – and no, Steve is not her fiancé. He’s just the widowed cowboy who agreed to give her a ride and yes that trip your mind just took to the gutter is right on point … thank you Ms. Brooks! When Mother Nature steps in and presents Steve with the perfect opening, he proceeds to demonstrate why bench seats are a good thing in a pickup truck while giving Lauren a preview of things to come. And as hot as that scene was, it had nothing on the actual sex scenes. Holy crap on a cracker can Ms. Brooks write a squirm inducing sex scene! She gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Ride ‘em cowboy!” But when a new day dawns, Lauren must decide between a life of luxury with her fiancé or a life of comfort with her cowboy. Cowboy Delight is a lovely little tale of finding oneself served up with a heaping helping of steamy sex. This is one novella I know I will read again and I look forward to reading Cowboy Heaven to find out what delights Ms. Brooks has in store for the next cowboy.

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.
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