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Master of Freedom by Cherise Sinclair

Master of Freedom Master of Freedom by Cherise Sinclair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can I just say that I love it when Sinclair writes a “novella” for the 1001 Dark Nights series? Why? Because fans are treated to a full-length novel (over 200 pages here) for the price of a novella and the author does not skimp on the action, the domination and submission, the erotica, or the romance just because it’s called a novella. And Master of Freedom was an excellent addition to the Mountain Masters & Dark Haven series and the 1001 Dark Nights series.

Because Master of Freedom was written for inclusion in the 1001 Dark Nights series, it can be read as a standalone (like most of Sinclair’s novels). That said, fans of the Mountain Masters & Dark Haven series will enjoy it even more because we get to find out more about Atticus, whom we met in Edge of the Enforcer when he assisted in finding Lindsey after she was abducted. A bonus being that we get to catch up with many of the doms and subs from the earlier books in the series. I will readily admit that while I understood the mental components of sadism and masochism due to my degree in psychology, when I first began reading BDSM romances years ago I had a similar mind-set to Gin’s – this can’t be real. Of course I was quite jealous of Gin in the way she found out just how real BDSM was. Holy heck! Between Atticus’s dominant nature, military background, and assuming the mantle of adulthood at too young of an age, the natural submissive in Gin did not stand a chance when he began issuing commands. Boy howdy was she a lucky girl. But Gin’s daddy issues and Atticus’s well, daddy issues, made for several misunderstandings and miscommunications that nearly derailed their fledgling relationship more than once. Thank goodness doms are all about the communication [insert sarcastic eye roll there because Atticus needed a swift kick in the rear at times] and they power through the incidents to come out the better for it. Yet the greatest threat to their relationship comes from outside forces and Sinclair kept me hanging for far too many pages before I found out what kind of happy ending she had in store for the couple. I’m glad I can always count on this author for a happy, if somewhat unconventional, ending

I loved the chemistry between Atticus and Gin. Despite their mutual hang-ups, when they let go and relaxed they were such a comfortable couple to read about. Their banter had me cracking up regularly throughout the book. This is what made their misunderstandings so intense – it was as though I could feel the anxiety, hurt, and distress rolling off my Kindle. Of course this made for a couple of really hot bouts of make-up sex on top of the already steamy BDSM scenes. As for the events that made up the action and suspense part of the storyline, I saw part of it coming but I didn’t expect Sinclair to take it quite as far as she did, which kept that part of the storyline from being predictable. Needless to say the author crafted the perfect ending for Gin and Atticus – one that had me laughing out loud, jealous of Gin, ready for the next installment in the Mountain Masters & Dark Haven series, and praying that it’s already in the works. Another enjoyable read.

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