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Edge of the Enforcer by Cherise Sinclair

Edge of the Enforcer Edge of the Enforcer by Cherise Sinclair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is nothing like finally reading a book that you bought and never got around to reading when it first came out. It’s an awesome feeling. It’s an even better feeling when it’s a Sinclair novel. Truth be told, I’m kind of baffled that I hadn’t made time to read it yet, but Edge of the Enforcer was well worth the wait – even if I didn’t know what I was missing.

Having met both Lindsey and deVries in previous books, I loved getting to learn more about them. I was shocked by the opening scene because I had no inkling about deVries’s extracurricular activities. But the scene was vital in making me understand his mindset in how he played and why he rebuffed Lindsey’s attentions – it didn’t excuse the unnecessarily harsh way he did it, but at least I understood it. It also made his collection of her debt from the Masterson’s picnic believable. And freaking hot as heck. However his freeze out the next day nearly gave me (and Lindsey) whiplash and once Sinclair gave the reader access to deVries’s thoughts, I was shocked by just how judgmental the dom could be. Yikes! Talk about frostbite. Thank goodness the Xavier and Simon don’t limit their meddling to just the subs and deVries got the kick in the pants he needed. And just in time as Lindsey’s past catches up with her and she finds herself in a life and death situation that doesn’t look good at all.

I must say that I’m not sure whose character surprised me more – Lindsey and her secrets OR that deVries, Dark Haven’s resident sadist and enforcer, had such a soft side to him. I’m not suggesting he was a pushover for Lindsey. Oh far from it. But when things got tough, his instincts and desires were in sync when it came to protecting the little submissive who showed him that life with a pain-intolerant sub might be a worthwhile venture after all. As for Lindsey, her secrets threw me for a loop. I was astounded by the predicament she found herself in and even more so that she managed to keep a lid on it considering who she worked with. It certainly added far more suspense and action to the novel than I expected and I loved how it gave us the chance to catch up with so many of the characters from the previous books in the series. But I cannot believe it took them so long to figure out how to have a relationship and still give deVries the outlet he needed for has sadism. At least they were both equally shortsighted when it came to identifying that solution. Regardless, I absolutely loved Edge of the Enforcer and am ready to sink my teeth into Master of Freedom in a few days.

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