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Arrested by Love by Kathryn R. Blake

Arrested by LoveArrested by Love by Kathryn R. Blake

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Having read A Dom’s Dilemma yesterday, I was excited when I reread the synopsis for Arrested by Love and realized that it was the same Kyle and I was going to get to read his story. The opening scene was priceless and had me hooked on Tiffany’s character almost immediately. That girl was trouble with a capital ‘T’ but the kind that left me laughing at her antics rather than worried about how things could go badly. Although after that first spanking as an adult, you would think Tiffany would have learned to tread more carefully around Kyle, but then how would that have made for an entertaining read?

I enjoyed watching Tiffany make her plays for Kyle’s attention but not nearly as much as when years’ worth of sexual tension finally overrode his control. I really liked that Ms. Blake showed bits and pieces of Kyle’s courting of Tiffany and made it clear that it occurred over several months despite them having known one another since childhood. What I did not enjoy was finding out the collateral damage of Kelly’s scene with Jim at the police station – but that was because of how it affected Tiffany, and Kyle as well. Even though I understood Kyle’s willingness to abide by Tiffany’s father’s wishes, I will admit that I was surprised it took Kyle so long to stop abiding by them especially as they had been working toward what seemed to be a Domestic Discipline relationship. But what broke my heart even as it made me happy was the uncertainty and insecurity Tiffany had to deal with once she and Kyle got back together. Not only did the author provide the couple with a nice resolution, but she also gave Tiffany a new friend from a rather surprising source.

My main complaint and where the story lost my attention was the large portion of the book that overlapped with A Dom’s Dilemma. To be fair, Arrested by Love was released first which means that the scenes are actually from this book and were repeated in A Dom’s Dilemma, but being as I read the books out of order (according to publication dates), I found myself bored through a decent portion of the book as the occasional commentary from Kyle regarding Jim and Kelly’s relationship meant I had to reread multiple scenes so that I could gain more insight into Kyle. Truth be told, as bored as I was with the replay of those scenes, they actually impacted my rating very little. In the end, while I enjoyed Arrested by Love more than A Dom’s Dilemma, I still consider it to be a good and solid 3-star read for me. I do look forward to reading more of Ms. Blake’s writing in the future.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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