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Boots and the Bachelor by Myla Jackson

Boots and the Bachelor (Ugly Stick Saloon)Boots and the Bachelor by Myla Jackson

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I loved Boots and the Bachelor! I read Boots and Chaps years ago and remembered enjoying it and all its naughty glory, so I jumped at the chance to revisit the Ugly Stick Saloon once I realized this could be read as a standalone. Boy am I glad I did because Angus and Gwen’s second-chance romance was the perfect combination of funny, sweet and sexy.

I found it absolutely hilarious that Angus’s mother got him and his brother entered into the charity cowboy auction without their knowledge. This is one of those books that I wish came with pictures because I can only imagine that the look on Angus’s face when his name was announced was PRICELESS!!! Add to that the looks on his face when the town’s gray-haired librarian bid on him and when he was “SOLD” for the highest bid ever of $5000. Yes, definitely would have loved pictures with this book. But once we get past the extremely amusing auction night, the book really gets good when Gwen arrives for her first date – which she intends to actually be a play-date between Angus and her five year-old son Dalton. However Angus has other ideas and insists that in order for him to fulfill the “dates” with her son, she has to abide by their four dates.

I actually didn’t mind one bit that Angus intended to use their dates to get Gwen in bed or to convince his mom that he was serious about her ultimatum because Ms. Jackson was nice enough to let us peek inside Angus’s head, which made it clear that his feelings for Gwen were just as strong now as they were seven years ago. However, I was shocked that they actually talked about their summer together and learned rather quickly about the miscommunications and assumptions that led to their losing touch with one another. I was actually glad that the author didn’t drag the misunderstanding out and gave them the chance to reconnect sooner. Not to mention, it paved the way for the conflict involving Dalton’s father and I absolutely LOVED how Angus took care of that bottom feeder. Because of their history and the obvious connection they still had, Gwen and Angus’s decision to pursue a relationship did not feel rushed even if it did occur rather quickly. The timing just felt right for them. While the sex is unquestionably hot, the romance between Gwen and Angus is even hotter because of Dalton and the instant family they all have the potential of gaining. Even though I read Boots and the Bachelor as a standalone, I hope to go back and read some of the earlier books in the series to catch up on what’s been happening at the Ugly Stick Saloon. But after that ending, I sooooo cannot wait for the next book in the series.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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