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Psychology of Submisison by Livia Grant

Psychology of Submisison (Corbin's Bend Season Three, #4)Psychology of Submisison by Livia Grant

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I need to preface my review by stating that I never finished season two of Corbin’s Bend and unfortunately, Life’s Unexpected Gifts was among those that didn’t get read. But I will be rectifying that situation as soon as possible because I absolutely loved Psychology of Submission and need to read more about Traci’s downward spiral and how Troy and Hallie got together. Admittedly, as an individual whose degree is in psychology and whose career requires a large amount of data collection and analysis, I expected to enjoy the book as Traci’s focus of research absolutely fascinates me – honestly, I’m jealous that I couldn’t attend her keynote speech. But as has been the case with every book I have read so far this season, there’s a lot to love about Psychology of Submission.

Because I didn’t read Life’s Unexpected Gifts, this was my introduction to Traci and her relationship with her brother Troy. It was clear from their interactions that even though they may have spent several years separated by geography and Troy’s relationship with Hallie may have prevented him from being as involved in Traci’s life as he would have liked, the love between the siblings was obvious. And Traci couldn’t have asked for a better cheerleader than Troy. I loved that their relationship was such that he was able to cut through her self-doubt and deliver the swift kick in the rear she needed to put on her big girl panties and go to the conference and present her research. I only wish Troy could have accompanied her to Chicago to put the bullies in their place. It just goes to show that no matter the educational level obtained, some men will always be little boys. Fortunately for Traci, Sean finds himself in the right place at the right time and is able to offer her a helping hand – no, not that kind of hand… at least not in the beginning.

And that’s actually what made their story so interesting. I really enjoyed watching Sean learn about Domestic Discipline and coming to terms with whether or not he could be the man that Traci needed. Not only did Traci know herself, but she was honest with herself, so she knew there was no way she could live a vanilla lifestyle, no matter how much she cared about Sean. So the success or failure of a potential relationship laid largely in Sean’s hands – hands which he eventually decided were up to the task of taking Traci in hand. I feel like I keep saying this for each of this season’s books, but the sexual chemistry between these two is intense and makes for some spectacular sex scenes. Oh yes, auditioning to be Traci’s HoH certainly brought out Sean’s inner caveman. While the interactions between Traci and Sean were excellent, I found the interactions between them and their respective families to be extremely entertaining. Ms. Grant provides Traci and Sean the perfect ending for them. I’m looking forward to the next installment in Corbin’s Bend Season Three, as well as reading Life’s Unexpected Gifts as soon as possible.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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