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Ropin' Hearts by Em Petrova

Ropin' Hearts (The Boot Knockers Ranch)Ropin' Hearts by Em Petrova

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I do so enjoy a visit to the Boot Knockers Ranch, so I couldn’t fault Bree one bit for sneaking onto the ranch…repeatedly. Nope! Not one teeny tiny bit…well maybe not that tiny. ;) And while I had no doubt that Ms. Petrova would give the feisty little filly her happy ending, it’s how that ride off into the sunset pans out that makes this series truly enjoyable for me because you never know what the final relationship will look like. And I’m happy to report that Ropin’ Hearts was every bit as enjoyable as books one and two in the series and I cannot wait to go back and read book three to find out how that relationship came to be.

Bree is literally the girl next door and is determined to bed herself a Boot Knocker because she needs a real man who can deliver and not the boys she’s been with in the past. Fortunately for Bree, most of the cowboys don’t know who she is, so she’s able to sneak onto the ranch undetected and meet up with a cowboy willing to give her a ride. Unfortunately for Bree, she and said cowboy cross paths with one of the few hands that knows who she is, Ty, and he wastes no time whisking her back to the fence and sending her on her way after a good tongue lashing – just not the kind she was hoping for. And while Bree is a persistent gal, she also seems to set off Ty’s proximity alarm each time she sneaks onto the ranch. That poor girl had no luck getting past Ty and I loved the conversation that took place between Ty and Stowe as a result of her continued disobedience. Not only was it enlightening for Ty, it also served to open the floodgates so to speak and led to some serious fireworks the next time Ty caught Bree trespassing. Boy howdy, does that cowboy know his way around a woman’s body or what!?!? But falling in love with a Boot Knocker isn’t easy, especially when neither party is looking to settle down. And when Ty finally realizes that his heart is all in whether he wants it to be or not, he shows Bree that a Boot Knocker never leaves a job undone.

Ms. Petrova does not disappoint with the sexy fun times as we are treated to some seriously hot MM, MF, and MMF sex scenes, as well as a reminder of how well Stowe can wield a whip. Bree and Ty weren’t the only ones in need of a cold shower in this book. But no matter how fun the hijinks were, how entertaining the banter was, and how hot the sex was, it is watching the relationship develop between Bree and Ty that makes this book so dang good. I needed a good no-strings-attached sex to lovers-and-more romance, and Ropin’ Hearts gave me that and so much more. I’m looking forward to the next installment in the series – hopefully Stowe’s – and am excited that I have an unread Boot Knockers romance to add to my reading list in the meantime.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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