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Secret by Kindle Alexander

SecretSecret by Kindle Alexander

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. I saw some pre-release controversy from people refusing to read Secret because Ms. Alexander refused to say whether or not the book contained cheating and while this is not a hard limit for me, I was interested in how it would play out in the book. While I will neither confirm nor deny the existence of cheating, I will say that if it’s a deal breaker for you and you really want to know before you buy the book, then download the sample because the author addresses that issue within the first chapter of the book and I for one loved how she did it and how it set up the remainder of the book.

I loved both Dylan and Tristan’s characters. It was pretty clear from the outset that although both men owned and operated very successful companies, they had each built their companies from the ground up and had not allowed their wealth to get the better of them – unlike Tristan’s COO Landry appeared to have. I was particularly enamored with Dylan. It was clear from his conversations with his staff and in what he was looking for in the buyout of his company, that above all else, he’s a man of loyalty. This becomes even more obvious when the author reveals exactly how dedicated he is to his family and the relationship he has with his wife. It is Dylan’s loyalty that makes his response to Tristan that much more difficult for him. Where Tristan won me over is that rather than fighting his feelings for Dylan and clinging to his bachelorhood, he recognized that the time he spent with Dylan was different than with his previous partners and that his feelings for the man were worth exploring. What really impressed me was that once he committed to trying to build a relationship with Dylan, Tristan was willing to wait and was unbelievably patient and understanding of Dylan’s situation. I’m not suggesting that he shouldn’t have been, but rather that I appreciate that the author chose to have Tristan respond as an adult rather than act like an insecure 18 year-old – she kept Tristan’s character authentic to his age and accomplishments in life.

One of the aspects of Ms. Alexander’s writing I enjoy is that while she can write some seriously steamy sex scenes, her primary focus is on the relationship development between the main characters. No doubt about it, the sex between Dylan and Tristan is hot, even more so when the two men begin to admit their feelings to themselves and they shift from having sex to making love. I loved how Tristan took his time with Dylan – listening to him, paying attention to his responses, and guiding him to insure that they both enjoyed their time together. He never attempted to make Dylan feel inadequate because of his inexperience. I will admit that although I wasn’t surprised that their secret was discovered, I was shocked with the way it occurred and how Dylan’s daughter found out. That said, I absolutely loved how their family rallied together during that evening of revelations and came out stronger for it. Thankfully Secret didn’t leave me bawling like a baby like Always did, but it has been added to my re-read list all the same and I look forward to reading it again soon.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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