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Texas Fall by R.J. Scott

Texas Fall (Texas Book 6)Texas Fall by R.J. Scott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Texas Fall is one of my top picks for the Texas series. After the suspense and action surrounding Liam in the previous installment, I wasn’t sure how Ms. Scott was going to top it. Yet she did with a storyline that would feel contrived for many characters, yet is completely within the realm of possibility for Riley considering his wealth and profession. Additionally we got to see Liam stand up for himself and find the family and home he has been looking for. These plotlines combine to make for another installment in the series that has been added to my reread list.

One would think that with their family full-to-bursting with the birth of the twins and Max’s adoption that life would finally settle down for Jack and Riley. But these are not idle men and they do an impressive job of balancing family with their respective work ventures. Because of the attack on Liam and the subsequent trial against his former boss, Jack slows down the plans for the equine therapy program and a couple of other ranch projects so that he and Robbie can be in court to support Liam. I loved how Ms. Scott gave the reader the opportunity to watch Liam see justice served, treating us to certain parts of the proceedings without dragging out that part of the story. And while being separated from Riley for a couple of weeks while he tended to Liam’s business was stressful for Jack, it paled in comparison to what he experienced when Riley’s trip to Mexico went terribly awry. I was not surprised that the incident took place because the author set the scenario up so well, but I was surprised at just how far she took it and how realistic it felt. I was terrified for both Riley and Jack because even though Texas Fall is a romance and I knew I was going to get my happily-ever-after for the couple, the emotional toll that the guys were under was extreme as they each faced the possibility that Riley might be killed.

Even if I didn’t like what he actually endured, I really liked the richness that Riley’s post-incident behavior added to the story. His PTSD was not only realistic and appropriate to his situation, it also gave him a chance to connect with Sean in a way that he otherwise wouldn’t have. Because of Riley’s subsequent withdrawal, Jack had to find a way to remind Riley that he was safe with Jack. This gave them an opportunity to reconnect on a basic relationship level that strengthened their bond even further. Getting to keep tabs on Robbie & Eli and Marcus & Liam’s relationships are a bonus as the author continues to weave their storylines into the books, keeping fans informed without taking away from the ultimate focus of the books – Riley and Jack. I do hope that Ms. Scott has plans for another installment in the Texas series because I would love to know what life has in store for the Campbell-Hayes clan and the newest additions to the Double D Ranch – Vaughn and Darren.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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