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Dare You To by Rhian Cahill

Dare You To (Hearts Are Wild, #2)Dare You To by Rhian Cahill

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As much as I enjoyed No More Talking, I enjoyed Dare You To even more. It was a fun and HOT way to pass a couple of hours as Shaye sets out to spend 30 days trying to work Coop out of her system. Much like book one, there is a built-in history between Shaye and Coop. That Shaye has been hung-up on Coop for years helps make the way their relationship progresses from friends to lovers to more believable. While it becomes clear that Coop had no idea how Shaye pined for him over the years, it helps move the story along when his inner musings revealed that his thoughts about her had changed from being friends to her staring in his fantasies quite frequently as of late. Unfortunately for Coop – even if he doesn’t know it at them time – the only reason Shaye is willing to up her game and engage him sexually is that she’s been offered the job she’s always wanted, just not where she wanted and she’ll be moving soon.

I found it quite amusing that after eight years of unrequited love, Shaye thought she could spend 30 days in bed with Coop without falling in love and risking heartbreak. Even though I expected that Shaye and Coop would wind up together by the end of the book, it wasn’t a given of just how that would turn out as far as the “where” went. As Shaye’s plan was to spend her last month in Sydney working Coop out of her system, there was a LOT of sex in the novella. And it was gooooood sex! I really liked that when Coop learned that Shaye was moving and even though he felt like he’d been played he didn’t really get angry, he just set out to prove to her that staying in Sydney with him and their family of friends would mean more to her than her supposed “dream job.” I also enjoyed the banter between the two outside of the bedroom. Ms. Cahill does a good job of showing the changes within their relationship so that the inevitable ending felt right, especially the final reveal. Dare You To has been added to my reread list and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. If you enjoy reads that are quick and steamy then give this one a try … I Dare You To.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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